Define your brand
Business strategies
Message delivery
How to read a teleprompter Appropriate body language

How to look, what to wear

Build confidence

How to remain cool, calm and collected

Prepare for media tours

How to use an IFB

How to project your voice

Work the room
How to smile (Yes, some people get so nervous they forget to smile!)
What not to say

How to control the interview

How to handle the tough questions

Live vs. Taped interviews
One on One Interviews

Studio vs. Field Interviews

TV cues/Lingo
Public Speaking


If you’re an ​entrepreneur or a business owner (large or small) your ultimate goal is to get more customers, Right?  Learn how to deliver your message with proper information, visuals and excitement so your viewers feel your enthusiasm jumping through the screen. That doesn’t mean you need to juggle or swallow fire, it means you can learn how to motivate the viewers through your delivery and words so they will  want to pay attention, sign up, shop or log on!

If you want to be the go to expert in your industry, the leading authority on a specific market or genre, then you need to brand yourself.  Whether it’s beauty/fashion, relationships and dating, an attorney or a therapist, a victims advocate or a gay rights activist, a medium or a matchmaker, getting the recognition and authority in your industry to make you the ‘go to’ guy or gal is what we can help you with. No matter what your mission, your media strategy needs to work for you specifically.  We will provide you with the right tools to make you stand out!

Redgirl’s media trainers will focus on your whole package. Working behind the scenes at many national television shows has provided Redgirl’s team with all of the skills necessary to help you achieve success.

After our initial conversation, we will research you! We will review your past Media appearances,  interviews, etc. Don't have any? That's okay too! We'll start  with a one on one consultation to discover what your strengths and weaknesses are.  Since Redgirl's team has produced thousands of hours of television, and has seen some of the best in the biz. We have equally seen what doesn’t work. Whether it’s an attitude, a look, or a tone in someone’s voice….we know what gets you noticed.  We’ve written the scripts that some of the most successful  hosts have used,  so we know the proper lingo.  

Our team will provide you with the necessary skills to help you prepare for all of your future appearances...because by the time we get done with you, we believe there will be many! 

We offer full customization because there is not a one size fits all take on talent.. A CEO who needs help learning how to talk about his company in front of the camera will not need the same skills as a young talent who just landed a gig as a co-host on a top talk show.  Each individual brings something unique to the table. That’s what makes them special and media savvy.  


News Anchors
Talk Show Hosts
Entrepreneurs/Business Owners
Medical Experts
Beauty Experts
Fashion Experts
Fitness Experts
Radio Personalities
Reality Stars
Mediums, etc.


 media training & image consulting

On top of training and teaching you the  do’s and don't's, we can help you prepare for the “part.” We believe your appearance and how you present yourself will contribute to your success.

Redgirl  has a team of top fashion stylists, make-up artists and hair designers in the business who are on-call for us. They can help you change your look or simply freshen up what already makes you fabulous.  Like we said, there is no one size fits all when it comes to preparing for any media appearance.!

Whether you have an interview booked or are waiting for that “call back” there is no better time to prepare than right now. Why wait until you're under pressure?  There is no better investment than working on you. We can help with wardrobe, personal style, and your overall "look."