Montel Williams, Television Personality/Talk Show Host
"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kim for over fifteen years. I watched her develop her media aptitude from an entry level position to becoming the Executive Producer of The Montel Williams Show. Kim has excellent producing skills and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for media training.” 

Siggy Flicker, Real Housewives of New Jersey/Relationship Expert
"Kim's passion is like nothing I've encountered. Her enthusiasm and knowledge about everything TV related is unbelievable. From the moment I met her I knew she was a life changer. Her advice and ideas have helped me countless times. I look forward to working with her 1000 more times!"

Jay Williams, ESPN and NBA All Star
"Do you want to be the best at what you do? Well, in order to be great you need a coach who can push you while showing you the in's and out's of the media game. From image and brand management to learning how to make great TV, there is no one better than Kim Brechka." 

Steve Farber, SVP Weigel Broadcasting
"Kim is a respected leader with a great eye for what audiences and customers want. She builds teams of loyal staff willing to go the extra mile to succeed. As her partner in a successful multi-season national television program, I saw firsthand how Kim could execute from the original concept phase through final post-production." 

Jessica Bellucci, VP Communications Tribune Broadcasting
"I've had the pleasure of working with Kim over the course of several years. She has a long successful track record in the television industry and is one of the best Executive Producers I've ever known. A consummate professional, Kim is smart, loyal, able to multitask and a strong manager." 

Brian Zagorski, SVP of Current and Programming ITV Studios
"I’ve worked with Kim Brechka for the past 6 years. Kim has a healthy knowledge of the television industry and her knowledge is extremely valuable. Kim’s skill set and experience with training talent is unparalleled and always exceeds all expectations."

Dr. Robi Ludwig
"Working with Kim Brechka is like having a best girlfriend in the business, who’s also talented, smart and can give you the best possible guidance in the entertainment world.   Kim is a veteran in the business, who can take anyone from where they are to where they want to go. And she’s also a lot of fun to be around. Just an added perk when working with, Kim. I feel very fortunate to know her and to have worked with her for as long as I have, and  I know you’ll feel the same way, too!!"

Melissa Yablon, News Producer
"Kim is not only an amazingly talented executive producer but she is also an incredible teacher and molder of talent.  Kim knows talent when she sees it and knows how to cultivate that talent into something great.  Her out-of-the-box approach to production gives all of her projects a fresh and exciting feel to them. Kim is the ultimate professional who is a pleasure to work with.  Entrusting your career to Kim would be your first step towards a long successful career." 

Karen Kinney Kruse, Talent Executive and Executive Producer
"I have worked with a lot of people throughout my years in television, and not many have been as comforting, personable and effective of a media trainer as Kim Brechka.  Her hard-working and ambitious lifestyle is a main reason for the success she had as an executive producer.  This work ethic will translate tremendously to working with talent and getting the absolute best out of potential talent."

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