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Redgirl Productions Media Training


First and foremost you need to identify your brand, and plan a business strategy. This is not just about looking good on TV.  It's about your brand. YOU are your brand. Identifying what your goal is, what you hope to achieve, will help us understand what your needs are.  Remember, without a brand you have nothing to "sell."

Redgirl is a boutique Media Training and Image Consultation firm that specializes in preparing you for all of your media appearances.  Whether you’re just starting out in the business, need to prep for a media tour, fine tune your public speaking skills or you're a proven talent in need of freshening up your style and delivery, the Redgirl Team can help. 

Your image and how you are perceived means everything in the TV biz.!! And we mean everything! 

We are  upfront and honest  about how we believe you are perceived by others in the media.  We do our own homework and study your website, your social media outlets, as well as previous television engagements and tell you what we think works, and what can help garner more interest in YOU! 

 Learn how to deliver your message with proper knowledge of the media industry. We prepare our clients to be at their best, the best version of themselves. We will help you strategically plan for all of your appearances, learn how to deliver clear, compelling messages so your viewers understand you, and want more of you! Learn how to  grab the audience’s attention and give the viewers information they crave.